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Header Bidding

Playwire Banner Advertising unlocks revenue potential for your sites and helps you maximize your earning potential with our cutting-edge header bidding integration. We make the process of adding banner advertising to your site seamless and efficient.

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Using Embed-Specific Ad Tags

Embed Ad Tags allow Enterprise Publishers to utilize your own ad tags on a per embed basis. For example, it is now possible to embed the same video in multiple locations while using different ad tags for each embed. The Bolt Video Player will call your ad server and will play the ad creative returned.

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Ad Call Billing

There are several places where you can view your ad call metrics. You can view your total ad calls on your Dashboard in the “Ad Calls” red tile. You can also see more data under the “Ad Calls” tab.

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Video Ad Unit Types

At Playwire, we constantly strive to develop new ways for Video Publishers to monetize their video content while providing the best user experience. Every video view is a new revenue opportunity to serve multiple ad impressions.

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Ad Backfill

With the Enterprise Partnership, you have the option to utilize Playwire’s 100% global ad fill to monetize any ad impressions you are not able to. Backfill is powered by our own ad server, so there is no additional cost to you.

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Configuring Ad Tag Variables (Macros)

Some ad tags contain variables that are expected to be recognized and filled in at runtime by the video player. The Bolt Player has an extensive list of variables that it can recognize and substitute with real values when it issues an ad request. If you are an enterprise publisher, you can make use of these variables within your ad tags in order to provide maximum information to your ad server.

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Pre-Content Ad Wrapper

The Pre-Game Ad Wrapper is an easy way to show video ads before games, downloads, or other content. The latest version of the Ad Wrapper automatically pulls in the ad tags that have been associated with your account, so all you have to do is put the code in your page, place your game or other content within the part of the code we’ve marked for you, and you are done.

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