The Playwire Steam Plugin allows developers to easily integrate in-game advertising with their Steam Game Servers. Our plugin streamlines the development process to reward players in Steam by presenting opportunities to watch video advertising before gameplay. Currently, our plugin only supports the following game titles: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2. Follow the steps below to get up and running.


Install Steam Server:

Steam Game servers will only run on Linux and Windows. SteamCMD Documentation here.
  • Install the GCC dependency
    $ sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1
  • On your server create a directory
    $ mkdir ~/steamcmd && cd ~/steamcmd
  • Install SteamCMD via curl
    $ curl -sqL “” | tar zxvf –
  • Run the Steam Shell with the command:

Install Game on Server:

In this step, we will install, configure and start the game server. We support 2 games currently, Team Fortress 2 – ID “232250” and Counter Strike: Global Offensive – ID “740”. For our example, we will be using TF2, but use the respective game ID in the steps below:
  • Login, install, update and validate the game server with the following command:
    $ bash +login anonymous +force_install_dir ../tf2 +app_update 232250 validate +quit
  • Run the Team Fortress game server
    cd ../tf2 bash srcds_run -console -game tf +sv_pure 1 +map ctf_2fort +maxplayers 24
  • The server will start up
  • Using the Steam Game Client, find either Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive depending on which game server you started, for our example we will be using Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Add the game to your library and start the game
  • Click “Find a Game” > Community Servers
  • Add your server’s IP to your favorites while testing
  • After confirming your game server is working correctly, quit the server and proceed to step 3

Install Playwire Plugin:

Please contact your Playwire Media Account Manager to obtain your customized plugin. Our plugin requires both SourceMod and MetaMod.
  • Install the SourceMod and MetaMod dependencies
  • After installing the required dependencies, locate the file your Playwire Media Account Manager gave you during onboarding
  • Using Secure Copy (scp) or the method of your choice, move the plugin .zip file onto your server in the tf2/tf/ directory
  • Unpack the plugin .zip file on your server
  • The plugin will expand several folders and files, the actual plugin file itself is called plugin.phoenix_motd.smx
  • The config file will contain your playwire_phoenix_id and playwire_token that are specific to your account
  • Start up your game server again and connect to your servers IP to test the video ad experience
File structure where Plugin expands
Config file – plugin.phoenix_motd.cfg

// This file was auto-generated by SourceMod
// ConVars for plugin phoenix_motd.smx

// Default: "0"
playwire_phoenix_id "0"

// Default: "0"
playwire_token "0"

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