Our new import tool allows publishers to migrate their videos over from their existing video platform accounts. Once your videos are imported into Playwire, you will be able to start generating revenue instantly. If you wish to use this feature, contact your Account Manager, email us, or click the “Request Import Tool” button as shown in Step 2. Follow the steps below to migrate your videos from the Ooyala platform.

Get API Keys:

  • Log in to your Ooyala Account
  • Click “Account” from the top menu
  • Click “Developers” from the top sub-menu
  • You will see your API Key and Secret under the API V2 section, copy both to your clipboard
  • * You will have to click “Display API Secret”

Go to Import Tool:

  • Log into your Playwire.com account
  • Click “Upload New Video” from the top navigation
  • Click the “Import Tool” tab
  • If you have not requested access to the import tool, click the green button reading “Request Import Tool”
  • Once approved by your Playwire Account Manager, the video platform dropdown will be available to use

Enter Keys and Upload:

  • Under the “Select Source” section, select Ooyala from the Video Platform dropdown
  • The API Key and API Secret fields will appear after selecting Ooyala
  • Enter the API Key and API Secret you copied from your Ooyala account
  • Make sure to select a Category from the dropdown
  • Click the “Import Videos” button
  • A confirmation dialogue will pop up asking your to confirm the amount of videos and the data you will be transferring to Playwire
  • Click the “Import Videos” button to continue

Finishing Up:

  • After clicking “Import Videos”, your videos will be downloaded from Ooyala and uploaded to Playwire in the background
  • You can click the “Video Gallery” link that appears in the Ooyala Import Progress section or navigate to the “Manage Videos” section, you will see your videos imported Ooyala
  • You can navigate away from the Import Tool page and your videos will still be uploaded
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