The Playwire Sandbox gives Publishers endless video content options to use for their websites. In addition to exposing you to many different genres and types of video, the Playwire Sandbox also provides an additional revenue stream for Publishers to utilize. With thousands of Publishers uploading videos daily, the Playwire Sandbox stays fresh with new video content. When using Sandbox videos, please note you are not able to use your own ad tags. Instead Playwire will use its’ own ad tags to generate revenue which will be split 3 ways between the publisher who originally uploaded the video, the publisher who embedded the Sandbox Video and Playwire. Lastly, when using custom player theming, the original publisher will override your account’s custom player theming; Sandbox videos can’t be added to playlists either.

Submitting Videos to Sandbox:

Do you have content you’d like to send to the Playwire Sandbox? Pro and Enterprise Publishers have the opportunity to submit video content to the Sandbox. Simply upload videos as you normally would and once the Playwire Team approves 10 of your videos, all newly uploaded videos will automatically be a part of the Playwire Sandbox. Please remember we strive to keep higher quality video content in the Playwire Sandbox and will deny videos that fail to follow the *Sandbox Video Guidelines. Follow these steps to submit videos to the Playwire Sandbox:
  • Log in to your Playwire account
  • Click “Customize Player” from the top nav
  • Select the “Integration” section
  • In the Options row, make sure Sandbox Sharing is checked
  • Click Save Changes to finish
  • When uploading or editing existing videos, you have to ability to toggle Sandbox sharing off/on for individual videos; this gives you granular control of which videos you’d like to appear in the Playwire Sandbox
*Sandbox Video Guidelines

Video content that infringes on copyrights, contains nudity, contains user generated content or low quality video content will not be approved.

Using Videos from Sandbox:

  • Log in to your Playwire account
  • Click “View Sandbox” from the top nav
  • Use the Sort By and Categories dropdowns to sort the videos
  • You can also use the search box to find videos
  • Click the video you like to use
  • Click the “Add To Imported Videos” button in the top right or bottom
  • Click “Manage Videos” from the top nav to view videos imported from the Sandbox
  • Click the “Imported Videos” tab
  • The Imported Videos can now be used, see this article for help embedding videos on your site

Private Sandbox:

The Private Sandbox is an easy way to use videos uploaded by other publishers associated with your account. For example, if you have Subaccounts, you will have access to all of that subaccount’s videos in your Private Sandbox.
  • Log in to your Playwire account
  • Click “Manage Videos” to browse your videos
  • Click the “Private Sandbox” tab
  • You can use all of the videos in the Private Sandbox, see this article for help embedding videos on your site
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