Bolt Player Customizer

With our powerful new Player Customizer, you are able to make the player work in harmony with your branding. You select the colors and features to make the player your very own! The options are endless, but we will take you through a few customizations to get you started.

Customize Player Section:

  • Click “Videos” from the left nav
  • Click “Customize Player” from expanded menu
Please Note:
Customizing the player design will globally change the look and feel of all embedded video players, playlists and imported videos from the Sandbox.

Customize Appearance:

The appearance section allows you to change the look and feel of your player. You can use a pre-defined theme or customize the player to meet your needs.

Theme – Playwire Default, Substance, Blue Moon or customize your own theme
Primary – Title bar background color
Secondary – All button colors
Highlight – Big play and play hover color
Font & Color – Title bar font
Progress Bar – Play scrubber timeline color
Control Bar – Bottom bar background color
Corners – Add a radius to edges
Style – Add a soft gradient to the control bar
Position – Add spacing around interface
Player Dimensions – Size/Aspect Ratio

  • Share Button – Enables feature to share the video on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Related Videos – Once the video finishes, the Player suggests similar videos related to the publisher’s account
  • Embed Code – Displays Embed code on Player to allow others to share on their websites
  • Age Gate – An Adult Verification System for mature content
  • Big Play Button – When checked, the main play button will become larger
  • Hide Playwire Logo – When checked, the Playwire logo will be hidden from the player skin
  • Show Watermark – Enables an overlay image over you video
  • Watermark Link – Enter the URL where clicking the watermark will take you
  • Location – Select where you would like the watermark to be located
  • Opacity – How transparent the watermark is, 0% is not visible 100% is fully visible
  • Watermark Image – Upload your own watermark image to our servers
  • Autoplay – They video will play automatically on page load
  • Looping – After the video plays completely, it will start over and play from the beginning
  • Auto HD – Automatically plays the high definition of the video as the default
  • Auto Mute – Starts the video with sound muted
  • Sandbox Sharing – Enables your video to be a part of the Playwire Sandbox, where other publishers can embed your video while generating revenue for you
  • Google Analytics Tag – Enter your own Google Analytics Tags to link your GA Account
  • Show Ads – Adds the ability for your videos to show pre, mid and post roll video advertising

Save Changes:

  • When you finish customizing your player, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes”
  • Once saved, all of your players will now use the new skin you have created
  • Here a couple of examples of the skins you can create
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