For users with WordPress sites, Playwire has provided an official plugin in the WordPress repository. The Playwire for WordPress plugin is an easy way for you to integrate with your Playwire.com account to manage your video inventory and posting without leaving your WordPress admin CMS.

Install the Plugin:

  • The easiest way to download the plugin is from the “Add New” section under Plugins in the WordPress Admin area, simply search for Playwire in the “Search Plugins” search box.
  • You can also download the plugin from WordPress.org
  • Refer to the documentation on WordPress.org for Managing Plugins for help installing WordPress Plugins

Connect WordPress to Playwire:

  • Click the link located in the red warning message or navigate to Playwire Video > Playwire Settings
  • Using the same log in credentials for Playwire, log in with your Email and Address and Password
  • If you successfully log in, you will see a green success message
  • If you encounter an error logging in, you will see a red error message. Check your log in credentials and try logging in again or refer to this article for help changing your password.

View and Upload Videos:

  • If you have already have videos on Playwire, all your videos should be synced already under Playwire Video > Videos.
  • If you have no videos on Playwire, watch the tutorial video to learn how to upload your videos to Playwire from the plugin.
  • Videos uploaded to Playwire will automatically sync to your WordPress site every hour, or by clicking the “Sync Videos From Playwire” button.

Create Video Galleries from Playlists on Playwire:

  • You can easily create custom Video Galleries to embed in your pages with this plugin.
  • Watch the tutorial video to learn how create Video Galleries from your Playwire Playlists.
Please Note*
Playwire Playlists are NOT the same as Video Galleries you create with this Plugin

Embed Videos and Video Galleries:

  • You can easily embed Videos and Video Galleries in your WordPress Pages and Posts.
  • After uploading videos to Playwire and creating Video Galleries, you are now able to embed your Videos and Video Gallery
  • Watch the tutorial video to learn how.
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